MAS Wrestling Certification Workshop Description

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So you’ve seen MAS Wrestling on the internet, watched it live, or even tried your hand at it in a tournament and now you’re ready to take your understanding of the sport to the next level. This is the event for you!

This 3 hour workshop (1.5hrs lecture, 1.5hrs practice) will be held in conjunction with various MAS wrestling tournaments hosted by MAS Wrestling USA, and will help you:

– learn about the sport’s origins

– learn the rules

– how to effectively judge matches

– learn the basic of the game

– develop superior technique in your own matches and coaching others

– promote the sport in your own area

– learn how to conduct small group training with MAS wrestling

-MAS Wrestling Certificate after passing online certification test

The seminar is $179 and includes membership to MAS Wrestling USA. Current members pay only $149 to attend this workshop that will both exhilarate and exhaust you.




To register, pick time and location: