2017 Viking Highlander MAS Wresling RESULTS

Viking Summer Raid Highlander MAS Wrestling tournament, 8/20/17:


Ladies (Absolute):

1st- Kori Penick (75+ kg), 6pt

2nd- Kaitlyn Tennant (75+ kg), 3pt

3rd- Ariel Buric (55kg), 0pt


Men’s Lightweight (90kg and under):

1st- Chris Hall, 5pt

2nd- Tyler Prata, 4pt

3rd- Bryce Bobbs, 0pt (this by the way is Jacob Bobbs’s 12year old son!)


Men’s Middleweight (91kg – 125kg):

1st- Erik LaFontaine, 9pt

2nd- Chad Bates, 8pt

3rd- Dan Caraway, 4pt

4th- Sonny Baltin/Chris Rusch, Jr- 3pt ea

6th- Luke Bonnett/Jason Bartlett- 0pt ea


Men’s Heavyweight (125+kg):

1st- Jacob Bobbs, 9pt

2nd- Steve Schmidt, 6pt

3rd- John Mouser, 5pt

4th- Jim Kozak, 2pt

5th- Chad Clark, 1pt

6th- Sean Watson/Donovan Geiger, 0pt ea


Master’s Men Heavyweight:

1st- Jacob Bobbs, 6pt

2nd- Jim Kozak, 2pt

3rd- Chad Clark, 1pt


We had an Adaptive division that had some matches as well!  Their matches went GREAT.  We had a one-armed athlete from Ecuador, another one-armed athlete in James Spurgin, a double-amputee with 4 fingers per hand, and a wheelchair athlete (who was strapped in a harness to a yoke, and had medicine balls by his knees to cushion him).