2nd Annual ChristMAS Challenge Results


old school masContest had some good matches, particularly for some newcomers who were interested in the sport and seem hooked.  Unfortunately at the very beginning there was a pretty big injury in a Lightweight match between Kizer and Benjamin Thomas (from David Waters’ in Kentucky), and right as Ben was losing balance in the end he braced his elbow on the floor instead of letting go and ended up snapping his forearm.  It was pretty gruesome to be sure, but he was in good spirits afterwards and later in the evening.  He’s a really strong kid and the first two matches between those guys were intense, it was a real shame to see an accident like that end it.


Withdraw:  Ben Thomas (injury, 1-2) / David Waters (matched up against Jacob Bobbs, 0-2, then left to be with Ben)


Lightweight Women

     Champion: Ariel Buric (65kg; 3-0)

     2nd: Micki Pauley (55kg)


Lightweight Men-

     Champion: Tom Kizer (80kg; 2-1)

     2nd: Ben Thomas (90kg; 1-2)


Open Heavyweight Men (Open + Masters together)

     Champion: Jacob Bobbs (125+kg; 12pt)

     2nd: John Mouser (125+kg; 6pt)

     3rd: Bob Brown (125+kg; 3pt)

     n/a:  Jim Kozak, David Waters (withdrew after 1 match)


Master’s Heavyweight Men

     Champion: Bob Brown (125+kg; 3-0)

     2nd: Jim Kozak (125kg)