Welcome to the Official site for MAS Wrestling USA!   I proudly bring you MAS Wrestling, a versatile family sport that challenges strength and agility from the novice of athletes to the power house PRO.   Most Importantly its fun!    MAS Wrestling is Definitely in line with my motto of Stay ACTIVE, Live STRONG and Live NOWENJOY!

 Yours in Strength!   ~ OddE.

 MAS Wrestling USA™ is the Official Governing Body for MAS Wrestling in North America.
The international Strength & Agility sports craze “MAS Wrestling” is a MUST to try for all ages!
This non-contact combat sport that tests strength, agility and skill, and is a natural competition and training
adjunct to strength sports likes of highland games, strongman/woman, power lifting, weight lifting, wrestling, grappling, Judo and more.
Join Today – We hold events Nationwide

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