Fire/Police/First Responders MAS Wrestling Friendship Tournament

Fire/Police/First Responders MAS Wrestling Friendship Tournament

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SEPT. 17-18-19, 2021

MAS Wrestling is an ancient sport, the modern version is brought to us from Yakutia (far northern region of Siberia in the Russian Republic of Sakha).   Variation of the sport is found in many cultures including being a favorite of the Vikings in the Scandinavian countries, Highland Games of Scotland, as well as the Eskimos of North America (Eskimo wrestling, which is part of the Eskimo Olympics), Athletes sit in front of each other, prop their feet against the board that divides the competition arena and pull on a short stick. An athlete wins the bout if he/she pulls the opponent over with the stick or pulls (snatches out) the stick from the opponent.  Best two of three bouts win the match.


  1. Goals and objectives
  • Tournament is held with the aim to popularize and develop Mas-Wrestling among “first responders”.
  • Objectives:
    • Strengthening friendly sportive relationship among “first responders”.
    • Determination of the Mas-Wrestling strongest athlete in contested weight categories.
  1. Time and competition venue

September 18- 19, 2021

Craig Ranch Park, South Las Vegas, Nevada


Saturday September 18th

11:30am Registration and weigh-in as well as technical WORKSHOP open to all participants


Sunday September 19th

8:30am Late registration and weigh-in

 10:00am Police/Fire First Responders MAS Wrestling Tournament


  1. Participants

Entry fee:  $20.00 due by September 14, 2021; late entries $30.00

Link to Registration Form:  Registration Form

  • This event is sanctioned by the Amateur Athletic Union of the U.S., Inc.
  • All participants must have a current AAU membership.

USA athletes must be a current member of MAS Wrestling USA (memberships $19 per annum available at MAS Wrestling USA Membership Form) and the AAU:

AAU membership card $24 Adult for US residents/citizens, International Adult Athletes must submit application and pay $45, (Sept. thru Aug.). AAU cards are available at  Please specify POWERLIFTING as the sport.  All cards must be purchased online prior to the competition, and presented at the weigh-in.  As part of the CARD process, all athletes age 20+ will have background check performed.  This process may add a week to card approval.

All athletes must have sportswear according to Mas-Wrestling rules:

  • Men –tight-fitting or free-breed shorts for Mas-Wrestling (bike shorts or basketball shorts will do) (red and blue), sports shoes without spikes.
  • Women – tight-fitting or free-breed shorts for Mas-Wrestling (bike shorts or basketball shorts will do) (red and blue),), sports jersey or T-shirt, sport shoes without spikes.

   4. Conditions of the competitions

Weight categories:  Male athletes will be divided in two weight categories with cutoff depending on participation; female athletes will all compete in one weight category.  Weight categories with 3-5 athletes conducted in Round Robin format; and weight categories with 6 or more athletes conducted in the actual International Mas-Wrestling Federation Rules Article 2.1 by the System with elimination after 2 (two) losses.

  1. Awards

Trophies to winner of each weight category.  Top three athletes (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) in each weight category are awarded with medals.

  1. Hotel


Call in number – 1-800-998-6937

Group code – C-MAS21

between the hours of 7AM to 10 PM PST and reference the Group: MAS Wrestling and/or Group Code: C-MAS21 and provide an approved credit card with the appropriate information, at the time of reservation



We are presently holding the following block of rooms for your use:




Thur. 9/16/21 Fri. 9/17/21 Sat. 9/18/21 Sun. 9/19/21
Room block  15  15  15  15
Room rates $35.00 $190.00 $190.00 $55.00


All above room rates are based on single or double occupancy.

Daily Triple/Quad Charges: $15.00 for each additional person age 12 or older in a room.  Maximum 4 persons in one room.

There is a $29.99 plus tax resort fee added to each room per night, which will be posted on the guest room account. The cut-off date to confirm a reservation is September 3rd, 2021.   No changes to the reservations will be accepted within seventy-two (72) hours prior to the first arrival date.

Tournament Directors: 

John O’Connor +1(206)402-9561

Odd E. Haugen">   +1(805)444-5720