2021 Olympia World International MAS Wrestling REGISTRATION

Olympia Weekend MAS Wrestling Registration Form
**NOTE** IF you are not a current member and not a foreign national, we will process your registration form after your Membership Application is Processed. Thank you.
Tournament is held with the aim to popularize and develop Mas-Wrestling in the world. Objectives: Strengthening friendly sportive relationship among countries; Determination of the Mas-Wrestling strongest athlete in contested weight categories. Thursday 6:00pm -8:00pm Registration and weigh-in MAS Wrestling Friday 9:00am –Late Registration and weigh-in MAS Wrestling 10:00am -MAS wrestling workshop followed by hands-on audience participation 1:30pm- MAS Wrestling Tournament Preliminary Rounds 4:00pm – 5:00pm MAS wrestling hands-on audience participation Saturday 3:00pm - 5:00pm MAS Wrestling Final Rounds and Award Ceremony
In consideration of your acceptance of this entry, I hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, and my assignees, waive and release all rights and damages I may have against, and promise not to sue MAS Wrestling USA, Odd Haugen Presents, LLC., Armlifting USA, Odd Haugen, Riccardo Magni, Jon Eccles, JW Holdings LLC, Olympia Productions, JW Media LLC, Wings of Strength LLC or any of their present, former and future affiliate companies, parent and subsidiary companies, holding companies, divisions, and successor companies, and their respective future, present and former owners, officers, members, employees, joint venturers, and authorized agents, as well as the Promoter(s), Sponsors, and Vendors, (collectively, “The Company”), from liability for any and all claims, including the negligence of The Company, resulting in personal injury (including death), accidents or illnesses, and property loss, arising from my participation in the sport of MAS wrestling. And in further consideration of permission being granted to me to participate in the MAS Wrestling USA Sanctioned events and its related events, I hereby grant Odd Haugen Presents LLC, and/or any other approved video or entertainment organization and all of their agents, successors, licensees and assigns, the right to photograph or otherwise reproduce (whether by film, tape, still photography or otherwise) my voice, appearance and name, and to exhibit, distribute, transmit, and/or otherwise exploit any and all media, including without limitation, by means of still photography, motion pictures, radio, television, television motion pictures, video, printing or any other medium now known or hereafter devised, including with respect also to any merchandising, advertising and/or publicity, and the right to use my name and information about me in any connection with any of the foregoing. The rights granted by me hereunder are granted for the entire universe and shall endure in perpetuity and no further compensation shall be payable to me at anytime in connection therewith. Nothing contained herein shall be deemed to obligate Odd Haugen Presents, LLC, and/or any other approved video or entertainment organization, to photograph or otherwise reproduce my voice, appearance or name, or to make use of any rights granted herein. I also understand that the aforementioned rights may be reassigned at any time without further consent. I understand that Odd Haugen Presents LLC and/or any other approved video or entertainment organization, are videotaping and photographing the Event in express reliance upon the foregoing, and I represent and agree that I am free to grant the rights grant Odd Haugen Presents LLC and/or any other approved video or entertainment organization hereunder. Therefore, I affix my signature below:

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